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Dinghy sailing for all in Redditch, North Worcestershire and South Warwickshire

Urgent Road Trailers

At the Working Party last Saturday a brave team ventured into the trailer park area in order to tidy it up. There are many trailers there which are not marked up with the owner's name and contact number and are in very poor condition. The Committee intends to scrap all unmarked and rusted trailers within the next 6 weeks. If you think yours is in danger of falling into this category, please come and claim/ mark up your trailer urgently or it may be disposed of.



Once again, despite good intentions, I am compiling and editing the Wagtale at the last minute! It's great to read of the sailing adventures that members have had outside the club over the last year. If I do I'll write about it for next year's Wagtale and so should you. Keep a log (as all good mariners should) of your sailing adventures with pictures - and send them to me for the Wagtale 2009 issue. Some old friends have left and new faces have become friends (& challengers on the water!).

The club house and grounds are in reasonable order and we have kept on top of essential maintenance despite disappointing turn-outs at the working parties. The big challenge for 2008 will be the construction of the balcony extension. This will give us a good elevated outside seating area in the sun, views over the whole lake and with direct access to the bar! Are you satisfied with your racing one of the new fantastic-plastic' speed machines. Don't be fooled . some of the high achievers in the dinghy racing and yachting world started in well established class dinghies.

2006 has seen several dinghy classes reach age milestones:- its been the 25th year of the Comet class, the 50th year for Enterprises and Solos, 60th year for the firefly and the 70th year for the National 12. Amongst the sailing high achievers this year' were Dame Ellen who was awarded the RYA Yachtsman of the Year'. Three 15/16 year old lads were awarded Young Sailors of the Year' for their courageous rescue of a fellow competitor entrapped under-water.

Two lads aged 19 and 21 circumnavigated the British Isles on an 18' Hobie-Tiger racing catamaran . 1700miles in 27 days . and two 17 year old girls crossed the channel on their Lasers! And to top that a 14 year old lad has just completed a solo crossing of the Atlantic in a 27' Contessa. You may be impressed and in awe of these individuals who put themselves in positions of great stress and discomfort to achieve these goals. I certainly take my hat off to them . but I come sailing for the relief' of stress and for the great comfort of knowing that, while I'm sailing, my mobile is in the car (switched off), the office is closed and the mower is in the shed! Sailing can be enjoyed at every level even by a girl, - even here on Arrow valley Lake the racing can be intensely competitive requiring high levels of skill and judgment . and pretty hairy when the winds get above 15 knots and twist about all over the place due to the lake's tree lined enclosure.

Best over the counter options for hives relief

Hives medically known as Urticaria is a common allergic condition that affects around 20% of the population at some point in their lives. Just as there is challenging to determine causes of Urticaria, there are also numerous treatments options for hives. They can also be difficult to determine in some cases.

The fastest and most effective treatment for hives is Oxyhives. Hives can just break out unexpectedly which can be both disturbing and embarrassing. In that case, you might not be close to your doctor, and besides, you have to book an appointment. Oxyhives is efficient over the counter med designed explicitly for hives.

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The med has been on the market for a couple of years, and previous customers have reported it is highly efficient, almost acting instantly. 1-2 sprays will make your hives to disappear within two hours naturally. The upside to Oxyhives is that it is scientifically proven, 100% natural, has zero side effects and it is also not addictive.

Other methods

Apply a little calamine lotion or witch hazel

Calamine lotion and witch hazel are anti-stringent which will help to minimize the leaking of histamine by shrinking the blood vessels in proximity to the welts. Note that they will only help to keep the welts from getting worse and not reverse the process. These applications are ideal for the face.

Wipe the welts with Milk of Magnesia or Pepto Bismol

Another great option is Milk of Magnesia or Pepto Bismol. They will also help to relieve the itching.

If all of the above is not available, another great home remedy is Vinegar. Mix vinegar and water in the ratio 1:2, for example, 2 tablespoons of cool water and 1 tablespoon of vinegar. Apply the solution to the hives using a cotton ball or something soft. Again this won't reverse the process, but it would help to get rid of the itchy feeling.