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Sailing in Redditch

Dinghy sailing for all in Redditch, North Worcestershire and South Warwickshire

Did you know that you could sail every week even if you are not living close to the sea? Redditch city is quite far from the ocean but its inhabitants, and not only, enjoy sailing activities or training sessions organized by the local sailing club. This is a small and cozy place where members race or learn to sail boats on Redditch’s Arrow Valley Lake.


Sailing is all about adventure

What is special about this small city is that its yachting club was created out of the passion for sailing. This keeps officers focused on delivering the best fresh air experiences to club members every day. Therefore, on one side, sailing in Redditch is fun as there are so many interesting activities organized for you and on another side, it is adventurous as you get the chance to compete with other skillful members. If you are more experienced, the club suggests you two weekly races that take place every Saturday and Tuesday.

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Redditch Sailing Club is also for those who leisure by boating on the lake or who have never sailed before. The last category should simply enroll to the training sessions, certified by RYA Training Center, where they learn from scratch how to manage the boat on the lake by themselves. You will soon feel confident enough to take your friends or family on an adventurous sailing experience. If you decide to race and finish in the first three places, you will get a bronze, silver or gold fleet that will give you some advantages for the whole following year.

Make the best of this outdoor activity with friends and family at Redditch Club. This is the perfect place to relax while watching the beautiful green view from the lake. Sailing in Redditch is all about the adventure you were looking for in a city that is not so close to the ocean.